Give my service a try before you commit! Send me a maximum of 10 photos for basic editing in Lightroom or a maximum of 5 photos for deep editing in Photoshop and I will show you what I can do.

Step 1

Complete the order form

Name *
I would love to see more about you and the work you do
What services do you require? *
Do you have your own Lightroom preset you want me to use?
Give me a description of your editing style and as much detail as possible about the settings you use. For instance clarity, vibrance, saturation, sharpening, noise reduction, vignetting, cropping and so on.

Step 2

Create a folder in Dropbox labeled as follow: "Quickpic editing_your name".
Inside that folder create two more folders labeled Sample and Free trial edit. In the Sample folder you upload between 5 and 10 examples of your own work edited in your own style. In the Free trial edit folder you upload a maximum of ten unedited RAW or jpeg photos. If you want me to use a LR preset, upload it to this file as well.
Share the link with me using my email address:

Step 3

I will contact you to confirm your order. As soon as I'm finished I will upload the edited photos to the same Dropbox folder in another folder labeled "Edited Photos" where you can review them and give me your feedback.