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Step 1

Complete the order form

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Give me a description of your editing style. Give me as much detail as possible about the settings you use. For instance clarity, vibrance, saturation, sharpening, noise reduction, vignetting, cropping and so on.

Step 2

Create a folder in Dropbox labeled with your own name (this is the file you will share with me).
Inside that folder create another folder with the name of the shoot. This is where you upload your unedited photos in the form of smart previews or jpegs. Click here to follow the steps on how to create smart previews.  
Share the link with me using my email address: lourensia@quickpicediting.com 

Step 3

I will contact you to confirm your order. When I'm finished with your edits, I will invoice you. As soon as I recieve your payment, the edited photos will be uploaded to the same Dropbox folder in another folder where you can review them and give me your feedback.