What is your turnaround time?

This all depends on the size of the job is and how busy I am. You know how crazy the wedding season can be! So to answer your question, it will take an average of two weeks for weddings or bigger jobs. For smaller jobs (like family etc.) this might only take a few days. Please remember to account for upload and download time as well as weekends. 

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

For basic editing, 10 photos are the minimum you can submit and for advanced retouching 1 photo.

What file types do you accept?

I prefer RAW files but if you're not a professional photographer and only have jpegs, it's not a problem!

What is the best way to submit my files?

You can upload the RAW or jpeg files. But if you don't need me to export as hi res jpegs or do more complex retouching, then you can upload Smart previews (which are much smaller). Follow the link below on how to create Smart Previews and uploading it to Dropbox. 

How do I send my files?

Create a folder in Dropbox labeled "Quickpic editing_your name". (this is the file you will share with me).
Inside that folder create another folder with the name of the shoot. This is where you upload your unedited photos in the form of RAW files, smart previews or jpegs. Share the link with me using my email address: lourensia@quickpicediting.com.

How do I receive my files from you?

If you requested me to export the final edited photos as jpegs, I will upload the high-resolution jpegs to the same Dropbox folder used to upload the original photos.

If you sent me RAW files and want to export the photos yourself, I will upload Adobe .XMP files to the same Dropbox folder. If you sent me Smart previews, I will just send you the catalogue back.

What is a XMP file?

Adobe’s Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) is a file labeling technology that lets you embed metadata into files themselves during the content creation process. They hold all of the raw processing settings, as well as star ratings, colour labels, and so forth.

Once you receive the XMP files, you unzip the zipped file which contains them all (by double clicking) and copying them into your folder of related raw files.

What about my editing style? Do you match this?

Yes, I try my best to match your editing style! Together we will work on this until it is perfect. You can even send me your favourite Lightroom presets.

Who will be editing my photos?

I will personally edit your photos. In the busier times to keep up with all the work, I might get some help from an assistant. But don’t stress about it! I will personally review each and every photo before it’s sent back to you.

What if I’m not happy with the final edits?

I take pride in what I do and I absolutely want you to be happy with the work I’ve done. Unfortunately, there is no way that I will know if what you see on your monitor is the same as what I see. So the feedback you give me is super important and how much detail you give me. Is it too dark? Is it too bright? Too much contrast? Too warm or too cold? The worst that can happen: we go back and review what I can change and improve. 

Remember, there’s no magic wand. Otherwise, you wouldn’t need my services in the first place! 

What software do you use to edit?

Adobe Lightroom CC and Photoshop 

How do I pay you?

When I'm finished with your edits and before I upload the final edits, I will send you an invoice. You can pay me via Paypal or if you have a South African bank account you can do the payment via EFT.

Do you have more questions?